Electric motor as a boat drive is nowadays common practice

Electric motor in practice
Electric motor and gearbox

The use of electric motor and its services in practice is quite wide today. Until recently, the electric motor was part of the manufacturing process within the industry or was a washing machine drive, so it is now installed on boats. A relatively widespread predecessor of this solution was the gasoline engine in the suspension version, which, however, produced a considerable amount of emissions and noise. Thus, the electric motor does not produce any emissions in operation and its running noise is up to 60 dB. For this reason, this is a truly negligible noise level. So, if you are with the boat on the water, you will not hear any unpleasant accompanying sounds. Your ear will only enjoy a pleasant splash of water. 

Electric motor for boats and several of its parameters 

Electric motor for boat
Future for electric motor

This type of electric motor has been developed for inflatable boats, sailboats and outboard boats weighing up to 1500 kg and power less than 3 HP. The performance of such an electric motor is thus fully comparable with a gasoline engine in a suspension version. The battery of the electric motor is located in its head and in most cases, it is a lithium polymer variant. From the point of view of battery charging it is very practical to remove it and today the range of such an engine is really satisfactory. In many cases, engineers are inspired by the experience of customers and this is the case with an electric motor. If the boat is lowered on the water and you are trying to remove or replace the battery, there has been a risk of dropping it into the water and damaging it in the past. The current battery of the electric motor is designed to float and not sink to the bottom. Waterproof is also characterized by a socket, which is equipped with safety cover. A common feature of the electric motor is also a display that provides the boat owner with all important information such as performance or current battery capacity. These features will perfectly take care of your comfort and there is no risk of you being dragged out of the water. Such cases have happened, for example, in the case of petrol engines in the past. For more information, visit the website https://vyboelectric.com/.